Darwinian Evolution - A series of Strange Portraits


What if, in the near future, people's DNA evolved to reflect just one and only purpose ? Our society leads most people towards only one job during their whole lifetime, because every one of them is becoming so specific that's it getting harder and harder to learn another one if you want to and still earn the money you need to avoid drowning in taxes. No time for any passions, no time to save your marriage, educate your kids, enjoy the most essential values of life as it was before we perverted it, ...

Are we bound to become, as predicted in many movies, machines ? When they say machines will rule us, did they mean that they would merge with us ? I believe this is the sad future that awaits us...


MrLamp MrSpeaker
MrVacuumCleaner MrPhone
MrIron MrPolaroid
MrShower MrLantern
MrCandleHolder MrMicrophone
MrDish MrFlowerPot