Street photography. I love to walk in my city, for hours and hours.
Street photography. I love to walk in my city, for hours and hours.
Yoga practice on a desolated beach.
Is this where Christ died ?
Random people (sometimes living) in the street.


People you don't usually talk to. The gift of a beer, of an ear, for a little while, the gift that they are not worthless and that they can cry if they want (and some did). The gift of their trust. Or just the gift of a simple talk because of a face that catched my eye. Because of a life that catched my eye.
Spending a few days in Rwanda and Congo.
Spending a few days in Addis Abeba.
Spending a few days in Paris.
Pictures from VHS From Space @ Rock Classic
Unexpectedly discovering a new discipline while walking around in a park. This is Slacklining.
ToddJerm, an awesome artist, working.


Watch his work on this website
Deathcrush, Live at the Litlle Devil, Tilburg - September 17, 2014
Gazelle Twin Live at the 013, Tilburg - September 18, 2014
Von Magnet, Live at the Magasin 4, Brussels- September 3, 2014
concerts Concert pictures
The band Puce Moment, Live @ Café Central.
Advertising as it would be into a parallel universe gone wrong. (More than ours, that is).
Autumn Sea
Autumn sea
As a way to say goodbye. A beautiful memory.
Just some snow in Antwerpen
I was bored, I had to wait, it was snowing. Sometimes you don't need any more reason than that.
The Hangover
You wake up in a small street with no memory of your night. Too much alcohol, probably too much drugs... Such a headache... And who knows what happened. But it's time to go to work. Pretend that nothing happened... But who knows...
Model: Kristell Low
Artistic Direction / Stylism / Make-up: Ludivine Meulemans


The Detective
Follow a strange detective, a little out of place, a little out of time, through his adventures, following escapees, cheating husbands, or investigating mysterious illegal activities in the underground of Brussels... It is a dangerous life !


Djevara live @ Magasin 4
A little desert story
Just a nice sunny day. Two girls going sunbathing in the desert. And then everything goes wrong...
ET biking
Extraterrestrial biking
Enjoy this new, ultimate thrill for your week-end ! Travel to another planet, follow our guide through unexplored paths, practice your favorite sport in landscapes you have never seen before !
Only 86.999 credits ! Including Spaceflight, a night at the hotel (inside a live giant carnivorous tree ! This is harmless - satisfied or your money back) and two days of riding with our guide.
Travelers should upgrade their insurance, and bring weapons.
Go to any "Extraterrestrial biking" office for information and booking. There is one near you ! And it's called the Meganet, you Moron !


Darwinian evolution
Darwinian Evolution - A series of Strange Portraits
What if, in the near future, people's DNA evolved to reflect just one and only purpose ? Our society leads most people towards only one job during their whole lifetime, because every one of them is becoming so specific that's it getting harder and harder to learn another one if you want to and still earn the money you need to avoid drowning in taxes. No time for any passions, no time to save your marriage, educate your kids, enjoy the most essential values of life as it was before we perverted it, ... Are we bound to become, as predicted in many movies, machines ? When they say machines will rule us, did they mean that they would merge with us ? I believe this is the sad future that awaits us...


In The Meantime, In China
Walking randomly, to try and see a city and its surroundings the way no tourist ever could. To meet people no tourist ever met. And let you imagine their lives in just one shot.
The Strange Loneliness Of Dolls
What if dolls had a life of their own ? What if they woke up once we left and started to feel alone there, inside their limited world ? What if their sadness would raise the question of suicide ? Or murder, maybe ?
Escape from Brüsel.
Brüsel is the city behind the city. The city of the losts, and the beggars, and the brilliant minds that are flawed with the curse of vision and sensibility.
It is the city that feeds the unknowing robots living above. It is the underground power plant of life, as opposed to a living death. Both cities vibrate at different frequencies, and yet together. Can you see them, superimposed ?
I can.


Abandonned Station
Abandonned Station.
Life has left the place and yet so many things remain, as witnesses to the past. But it's all just a blur now.
Urban expressionism. Do I need to say more ?
Swan King
Soft Focus on the Swan King.
This is just the reflection of a mood. Of an animal so peaceful and noble I envied its life for just a few minutes...



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